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Our teachers..

The staff at St. Mark's Preschool strive to provide an atmosphere of love, trust and compassion. The teacher's and assistants are all well qualified and many hold degree's in elementary education or early childhood education.   
staff picture.jpg

Julie Faries

St. Mark's Preschool Director

Julie Faries staff pic.jpg
Janine armstrong.jpg
Janine Armstong
Assistant Teacher 
Two Day 3s 
Jenn Aquino.jpg

Jennifer Aquino 
Office Assistant 

Lauren BeCraft staff pic.jpg
Lauren BeCraft, Lead Teacher 
Two Day 3s 
Kristen B.jpg
Kristen Blome
Movement & Music Director
Erin Bonner staff picture.jpg
Erin Bonner
Assistant Teacher
Three Day 3s 
Jennifer Burke staff pic.jpg
Jennifer Burke
Assistant Teacher 
Two Day 2.5
Heather Bruch Staff picture.jpg

Heather Bruch, Lead Teacher
Two Day 2s, Three Day 3s

Angie Elliott.jpg

Angie Elliott, Assistant Teacher
Four Day 4s

Jenny Greger staff picture.jpg
Jenny Greger, Lead Teacher
Four Day 4s
Katie Heindel Staff Picture.jpg
Katie Heindel, Lead Teacher 
Two Day 3s, One Day 2/3s 
Maggie Kanczuzewski staff picture.jpg
Maggie Kanczuzewski
Lead Teacher, Two Day 2.5
Lindsay McKinley staff picture.jpg
Lindsay McKinley
Lead  Teacher, Three Day 4s 

Heather Motryncxuk.jpg
Heather Motrynczuk
Assistant Teacher 
Two Day 3s
Three Day 4s extended 

Suzanne Orndorff staff picture.jpg
Suzanne Orndoroff
Lead Teacher
Three Day 4s extended 

Staci Roberts staff pic.jpg
Staci Roberts
Assistant Teacher, Five Day JK 

Justin White, Lead Pastor

Megan walker staff pic.jpg
Megan Walker, Lead Teacher
Five Day JK 
Lauren Zachary staff picture.jpg
Justin White.jpg
Justin White
Lead Pastor
Lauren Zachary
Assistant Teacher
Three Day 4s 
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